What is Colon Hydrotherapy?

These days a lot has been spoken about colon hydrotherapy. Many do wonder what is so different about this form of colon cleansing treatment. Basically, it is nothing but an internal bath which helps in cleaning the mucus deposits and other waste in the body. Up until recently, many hospitals in the UK were using this form of treatment, which seemed a bit expensive due to the high priced medicines used during the process.

Colonic Enema Hydrotherapy

Enema is basically a mix of different herbs which and is introduced to support the colonic hydrotherapy. This is done so because it effects to faster cleaning and the process of detoxification is also done quicker. The Associated Registered Colon Hydrotherapists has a set of expert therapists use enema based on the client’s requirements to deal with the colon. One can also add different herbs in order to promote the treatment better. Especially for those who are undergoing this treatment for the first time, the combined treatment works beneficial.

To know better about colon, it about reabsorbing salts, digestive juices and sending it back to the bloodstream which eventually reaches the liver. Considering it gets accumulated in the body, it becomes more like a bacterial infection. If not dealt with, it may also lead to colon cancer.
Colon Hydrotherapy is a well known treatment. It does not take more than an hour and fifteen minutes and as the sessions progress the time reduces. However, before beginning with the treatment, the doctors always look deep into the case history. It helps in understanding the condition better and to choose the right means to deal with the problem. The complete procedure related to colon hydrotherapy is explained to the patient.

Post all that, once the patient is ready to proceed with it, the doctors ask the patient to relax and lie down. The hydrotherapy equipment is used to operate on the colon. Completely monitoring is done, the filling and releasing process is done at least 3 to 5 times. More so, the doctors try to massage the abdominal area so that the toxic waste along the walls comes out along with the gas.

After the first session, the patient is prescribed with a certain diet that will be beneficial. Also, it is determined whether the patient requires additional sessions, how many and when.

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